Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of levelling (removing) imperfections on the paint’s surface.

Deep cleaning of your vehicle’s paint, including correcting the imperfections in the clear coat, then applying a layer of protection, can make your car look new.

There are various issues and causes like water spots, paint overspray, wash scratches, wipe-down marks, bird dropping surface stains, oxidation, and buffer holograms that could affect the integrity of your car paint.


This process can involve a significant amount of time. We had spent over 60 hours on one vehicle on special occasions, but 6-12 hours is typical of most cars.

It uses specialty polishing machines in different sizes, many different levels of diminishing abrasives, other compounding/polishing pads and sometimes sandpaper. Our process is different on every paint job.

They can vary in hardness, thickness, and depth of imperfections. Every vehicle requires a different process or combination of machines based on the curves of the panels.

The hardness of clear coats varies by the automaker. Vehicles with softer clear coats will be easier to work with, and imperfections will buff out quicker. With experience, you’ll spot consistent trends and learn that, in general, the clear coats of Japanese vehicles are softer, Germans are more complicated, and Americans are thicker.

At clean freaks detailing, we plan to Increase the Resale Value of Your Vehicle, Trade-In, Your Vehicle For Top Dollar, Retain Greater Value. Restore your car to how it felt to eliminate swirls and scratches. We help raise your vehicle’s value with Paint Corrections, thereby protecting your investment.

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