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Our ceramic coats for cars continue to take off water spots and repels water after applying the
ceramic coats. It continues to serve as a protective layer to the car paint.
It’s an aura of sensation, beauty, and protection for the vehicle.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the process of levelling (removing) imperfections on the paint’s surface. Deep cleaning of your vehicle’s paint, including correcting the imperfections in the clear coat, then applying a layer of protection, can make your car look new.

Headlight Restorations

With the average age of vehicles on the road growing to more than ten years, cleaning up that fogginess (also known as headlight restoration) when it strikes is an essential maintenance item for safety. At Clean freaks detailing, we put our customers’ safety first

Ceramic Coating

What you need to know about Ceramic Coating. Do you want your vehicle to look as good as new no matter how long you have bought it? Have you ever noticed you have limited knowledge of making your car pristine new and aren’t getting results?

Exterior Detailing

Exterior detailing can include washing, cleaning and drying car body, wheels, windows,tires; using clay bars to remove dust and grit; then applying a sealant to protect the paint, and getting rid of—or at least reducing—surface scratches by polishing the exterior surfaces.

Interior Detailing

If you’re wondering whether interior services detailing is worth it, the answer is yes! Interior car cleaning and car detailing, in general, will help your car look great, smell fresh and clean and operate at the highest level. hink about what you’ll get in return when considering taking your car to have it

We offer you a variety of choices

Our services offer a variety of choices to meet your needs and most Accurate and  fair-price service Estimate.

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  • 24-hour rain guarantee
  • Door panels / seats wiped
  • Rubber mats washed
  • A thorough cleaning of dash, doors
  • Rim cleaner x 2
  • Clearcoat Protectant
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Why Choose Us

What advantages will you get when
detailing your vehicle?

  • High Quality
    At clean freaks detailing, we adhere to an excellent standard measure of product and practice that remains qualitative and long-lasting for your vehicle transformation.
  • Eco Friendly Products
    Our Eco-friendly products prevent contributions to air, water, and land pollution, and they are not environmentally harmful.
  • Talented Workers
    At Clean Freaks Detailing, our workers are always ready to give their best.
  • Restoration
    We aim to revitalize your automobile into its original state from the present look, and our detailing services afford you a cleaner and fresher-looking vehicle.
  • Perfect Finish
    Our final stage is the shine and sparkle, durability and toughness, beauty and aesthetics, and protection with advanced ceramic coating techniques
  • Ceramic Coating
    We are the first installers of "Owner's pride ceramic coatings" in MB, Canada.

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